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Sam's Caribbean Marketplace is your one-stop Caribbean Superstore.  Choose from thousands of Caribbean food itmes, as well as other Caribbean products, such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Reggae CDs and DVDs.

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Welcome to the Tropic Isle Living family of Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) products.

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Sam's Caribbean Marketplace accepts Paypal, all major credit cards, checks and money orders.  We make it convenient for you to purchase your Caribbean food, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jamaican Beef Patties, and CDs and DVDs.

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Jamaican Food Brands

Ackee.  Ackees. Jamaica national dish.   Jamaican food.  Jamaica. Food.  Jamaican fruit.  Food! Food! Food!

     Sam's Caribbean Marketplace is proud to offer it's customers an impressive array of Jamaican food manufacturers and Jamaican food brands from which to choose.  Most of our Jamaican food manufacturers operate in Jamaica.  However, some are based in the United States.  Others appear on the list only because their brands are widely used by the people of Jamaica.

     To locate products from any of our Jamaican food manufacturers or from any of our Jamaican food brands, please click on our Advance Search option.  This powerful search tool allows you to find all the products available from any Jamaican food manufacturer or in any Jamaican food brand listed below.


Angel Brand
Blue Mountain
Eve Sales
Fresh Daily
Golden Krust Bakery
HTB Bakery
Jamaica Biscuit Company
Jamaica Pride Bakery
Kraft Foods (Jamaica)
La Fe
Maxfield Bakery
Pepsi-Cola Jamaica
Pickapeppa Company
Risk Management
Salada Foods
V.A.P. Limited

Trinidadian Food Companies          Caribbean Food Companies  

Barbadian Food Companies

Only the best Jamaican food brands, Jamaican foods, Jamaican food companies, and Jamaican food manufacturers!  Jamaican food is our specialty.